RPackMG v2.5.3 BETA

RPackMG v2.5.3 BETA is a version of the resource package MRPack v2.5.2, adapted from minecraft 1.9 from @MineiM, to create a world of minecraft in version 1.9.2 and higher.

Thanks to its properties, the package will appeal to those who like danger and travel on the map. Villagers of zombies are difficult to distinguish from ordinary villagers. Skeletons, zombies and other monsters are well hidden, and sometimes they can be mistaken for another player. The package is the only one in which women live, such as a butcher and a farmer.


What’s new?

Special choice of texture in the style of the Middle Ages:

  • ropes
  • building blocks
  • wool
  • burnt clay and more

Presence of female characters:

  • butcher
  • farmer

Realistic textures of armor and weapons. Zombies and zombie-villagers, villagers, skeletons and creepers for the first time looks like people

Download v.2.5.3

MRPack 128×128 is a version of the resource package, adapted to build a world in the style of the Middle Ages in the game minecraft v1.8.9

When this package is installed, your world will be completely changed to what comes from the old world, for example, in the Middle Ages. With such a high resolution, not only the appearance of the world has changed, but all the textures in your world will become much more pleasant.

This high resolution requires that Optifine be installed first, and also you must allow yourself to have average computing graphics for work…