RPackMG v2.6.4

RPackMG v.2.6.4 is an addition to version 2.6.3 with changes and adding textures that appeared after the release of Minecraft v.1.11

This texture package has a format of 128×128. Realism and quality of textures really justify their description — Realistic Pack.

Thanks to its properties, a free texture package will appeal to those who like danger and travel on the map. Skeletons, zombies and other mobs are well disguised, and zombie villagers are difficult to distinguish at once from ordinary villagers.

RPackMG is the only package at the moment, in which there are girls, for example, a butcher and a farmer.

This time, we added a few blocks that were not included in the version resourcepack v2.6.3, as well as replaced all the pictures and added beautiful frames in style the Middle Ages.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the quality itself the display of paintings has become much higher, which means that the game will become bright and more interesting!

We hope you like new pictures.


  • Observer
  • Added block and bricks from the red nezerite
  • The quality of the grass became a little lower and less bright, due to this the gameplay will become faster
  • Black, brown and pink wool now have their own patterns, which can be used as carpets or wallpaper

Some other blocks, such as a bed, a sea lantern and boards of a jungle tree, also underwent a complete change.

Bonus: Big village

Different buildings, secret passages and mechanisms of this village will not leave anyone indifferent. It is so large that golems began to form in it. They will always help you to save yourself or protect your villagers from zombies (screenshots above).


  • Creative | On commands


  • The village is surrounded by a wide wall with towers and a passage along the entire perimeter
  • Lighting throughout the territory is manual (there is a separate building with switches)
  • Pond
  • Small cemetery
  • Shopping tents
  • A large beautiful church
  • Two-storey house with mechanisms
  • Windmill