RPackMG v2.6.5

& Reloading Classic

A realistic package 128×128 with detailed textures, designed for those who want more complex survival. With him, hostile mobs will be disguised, and zombie villagers will be much harder to distinguish from ordinary villagers.

We have added many different blocks, updated and improved the textures of the old ones. The update adds 4 types of parrots, 16 types of cement and ceramics, as well as colorful beds of 16 shades. In the latest updates, we tried to make several unique items: blocks, rods, clay and glass. Photos became more attractive due to the update v.2.6.4.

All the rest you can see after installing the pack.

Download Map

The realism and similarity of textures justify description pack. Thanks to its properties, a texture package will appeal to those who like danger and travel on the map.

  • Changes
  • paintings_kristoffer_zetterstrand
  • items
    • splashes
    • unknown_pack
    • unknown_server
    • books
    • flint
    • flint_and_steel
    • gunpowder
    • item_frame
    • mutton_cooked
    • nether_wart
    • potato_raw
    • rabbit_foot
    • redstone_dust
    • totem
  • gui
    • widgets
    • recipe_background
    • inventory
    • shulker_box
    • tab_item_search
    • villager
  • block
    • hardened_clay_stained_light_blue
    • hardened_clay_stained_blue
    • gravel
    • wool_colored_light_blue
  • Add
  • armor
    • chainmail_layer_1
    • chainmail_layer_2
  • item
    • knowledge_book
  • gui
    • widgets
    • shulker_box
    • recipe_background
  • block
    • Concrete + Cement 16 colors
    • Glazed tile 16 colors
  • entity
    • bed 16 colors
    • parrot
    • zombie_villager
    • Illusionist

Reloading Classic

RPackMG Reloading Classic Resource Pack 1.12.1 a format 32×32 for Minecraft.

Bonus: Town

It is a paradise with a virgin nature and the purest river. Here you can not only enjoy the cleanest air, wandering around the hills and plains, but also to spend an unforgettable holiday on the river, where there are up to twenty kinds of fish. And more, you get a rush of adrenaline when you climb a ship with weapons and shoot at enemies on the beach…


  • Survival | Without commands


  • Beautiful fountains and square with benches
  • Paved roads and paths, green fences and avenues
  • Grain and football field
  • A battle ship with guns on the borts
  • Colorful and spacious houses, forge and stables