RPackMG v2.6.3

This package of textures in the style of the Middle Ages was compiled by Madeas Gaming (Creative Agency Madeas Studio) and @mineim, has a format of 128×128 and is an excellent work of the authors. The developers put a lot of effort into creating this package, collecting the best textures of the items and blocks encountered in the game. Realism and similarity of textures really justify the description of the package — Realistic Pack.


Due to its properties, the package of textures will appeal to those who like danger and travel on the map. Skeletons, zombies and other mobs are well disguised, and zombie residents are difficult to distinguish immediately from ordinary villagers.

RPackMG is the only package at the moment, in which there are villagers of the countryside — girls, such as a butcher and a farmer.

About update

The main joyful news is that in the update of the game 1.11 was added a few mobs and a new animal — llama, which means that the world of minecraft is becoming more diverse and interesting!

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llama by rpackmg

What’s new?

  • new animal was added — Lama
  • added hostile mob — Vindicator (in appearance it looks like a priest with pale green skin)
  • added a flying hostile mob — Vex (flying mob, something reminiscent of a creeper)
  • added a hostile mob — Evoker (looks like a librarian with a dark robe)